YOU can help us on our mission to reduce pollution in the Daintree, and lift its people out of energy poverty
pollution and energy poverty in the daintree

Daintree residents and business

Please read below what you can do to help yourself and your community.

support daintree power

Not all residents of the Daintree are unhappy with the current situation of living without the essential services such as electricity, there are some small households that are happy to live on minimal resources at great expense and ignore the fact that down the road there are millions of litres of fuel going up in smoke and batteries being dumped.
Also there are some people lucky enough to have a big enough creek on their property to enjoy hydro power.

But most residents are tired of paying for their generator, and their solar panels going mouldy in a rainforest, their battery banks having to be replaced, and I am yet to meet a business owner that is happy with the current situation. The lack of affordable electricity is choking economic activity and a happy prosperous community.

If you live in the Daintree then you should support this cause which aims to get an electricity grid installed, no matter if you are a property owner, tenant, seasonal worker, or visitor, as it is vital to the viability of the community that you live in.

Many people have grown tired of the subject and fatigue has set in and people think we've gone through meetings and protests before without success, and that a grid is just not going to happen, but consider this;

1. The first hurdle of legislation is gone, the law banning grids has been dumped, the LNP has rescinded the Daintree Energy Policy on 6 December 2012.
But they maintained the exclusion of the Daintree from Ergon's distribution area, so Ergon is not even able to connect to the grid customers on Forest Creek Road who are within a stone throw of existing power lines.
Excluding the Daintree from Ergon is nothing short of discrimination.
Fortunately close examination of the Distribution Authority has revealed that Ergon is allowed to own and operate standalone power systems, see the home page for more details.

Even our Prime Minister now understands how important access to electricity is!

G20 speech

Read it on the PM's website, last paragraph down the bottom.
Oops, Tony is gone already and his website too, how many politicians have we seen come and go that do nothing for us? Lucky I take screen shots of vital info like this.

3. Energy Minister Mark McArdle has been up to the Daintree twice in 2013, he has met residents and business owners face to face to hear their stories of energy poverty and he was very aware that something needed to be done, but was reluctant to help or spend money.

4. Talks have been held with ERGON in 2013, and they wanted to find out how many properties want to connect and how much electricity they could sell, to calculate the viability of a grid.
ERGON have been in consultation with the Queensland Government regarding power for the Daintree Area.
ERGON have requested that the Daintree Power Committee provide them an expression of interest; a list of all businesses and property owners that wish to be connected to the grid. This has been provided to them.
There was a Public Meeting on August 24th 2013 at Diwan centre (cricket ground).
In January the report was released, which was disappointing and short on real useful information. During a meeting at the Cow Bay Hotel a list of resolutions were drawn up to be taken back to the Energy Minister in Brisbane.

5. Late 2014 it came to light that there is no legal barrier to Ergon providing electricity through standalone systems in the Daintree, same as they do for 34 remote indigenous communities around the state, and Daintree residents have been filling out and posting their connection application forms.

6. Late November 2014 during a community cabinet in Mareeba Premier Campbell Newman committed $150k from the Premier's Discretionary Fund to let two companies do a costing on the project, he said the state would pay half of the construction costs and the feds to match the other half.
Residents were relieved, a battle of many decades was won, but then the January 2015 elections proved disastrous, much to everyone's surprise the Labor Party won the election and they have so far been reluctant to honour the commitment made on power for the Daintree.

If you are a Daintree resident, property or business owner and you do NOT want to see a grid in the Daintree, or you are not sure, you should consider this;

A grid electricity supply will mean:

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreePollution of the precious environment in which you live will be greatly reduced. Millions of litres of fuel go up in smoke every year, old lead acid batteries are being discarded, sumpoil is being dumped, and a huge amount of embodied energy goes into the manufacture of all this equipment such as generators, batteries, solar panels.
Connection to grid means the cleanest solution for the Daintree.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeBusinesses will be more viable, and less likely to go bankrupt, creating a more prosperous and happy community for everyone to enjoy.
Places like Cape Tribulation Resort, Dragonfly, Fanpalm Cafe, Jambu will be much more likely to open again and add to a lively community, and create more local jobs.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeYou will have an increased quality of life, not be kept poor by expenses for fuel and replacement of generators and batteries, there will be more money for the fun things in life, no more stress caused by financial worries over equipment breakdowns and repairs.
You can actually go on holidays, at the end of the year you will have a few thousand dollars more in your pocket, and you won't have to worry about leaving your power system unattended or caretakers draining your batteries.
You can move elsewhere in Australia when you want or need to, and rent out your house, without the likely chance of tenants damaging your expensive energy systems.
Instead of providing them with an expensive system they can screw up they open an account with Ergon and are responsible for all expenses, just like in the rest of Australia.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeBanks are more willing to lend mortgages if houses are connected to the grid, most lending institutions have north of the Daintree river on the blacklist.
Now property values are held down because new people have trouble obtaining finance. A grid which will enable new people to buy a place and move in, and if you need to move because circumstances in your life have changed you can sell and buy a comparable place elsewhere, because the value of your property is not being kept down by being in a different category for the lending institutions.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintree Sick and elderly people will no longer have to deal with carting fuel, starting generators, or running out of electricity for medical equipment which can be both uncomfortable or life-threatening.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeHouseholds can have some of the basic appliances everyone else takes for granted without having to stress about every bit of power used and the batteries draining.
Small accommodation places can have fans and airconditioners so they don't lose their customers to the big resorts from October till Easter.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintree If you are not sure now you should say YES, this is the one and only chance we have, if this expression of interest is not succesful then the issue may be permanently shelved. Even if you do not want to connect at this point in time you should support this cause. The next time your generator or battery bank needs replacing, what would you rather spend; $5000 on new equipment or connect to the grid?
Maybe you are happy living here now but in a few years you might want to move, if there is a grid you are more likely to find a buyer that can obtain finance, and your house is more likely to sell for a price that buys a comparable house elsewhere.


energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeIf you would like to support this cause you can join Daintree Hour on Facebook, share your thoughts with others, and spread the word amongs your Facebook friends.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeSend your story of energy poverty to be published on the energy poverty stories page of the website, so the politicians and the world can see that this site is not the ranting of one individual, but that a whole community is suffering.
You can include some photos of yourself and your generators, figures of expenditure on generators, batteries, and associated costs, and some stories of the stress and dramas you have had to live through when things malfunctioned.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintreeWrite to the politicians to do something about this shameful situation.
See our page on the new Ecotourism Plan and tell the politicians to make the Daintree a true ecotourism destination, not a pretend ecotourism destination.

energy poverty and pollution in the daintree Email us to add your name to the list of supporters on the left hand side of this page..